In today’s environment of ARRA/Meaningful use, having a strategy for integrating imaging into the enterprise is even more important.  HIS offers an array of services to meet your enterprise imaging needs, from strategy planning through execution.  Through a number of industry affiliations, HIS can offer seamless services to meet almost any need.  


Healthcare Integration Strategies

Technology Readiness Assessment

HIS’s Technology Readiness Assessment service reviews your imaging services to assess their current state and readiness for image management technology.  The review includes an assessment of your environment, operations, infrastructure and financials, resulting in a benchmarking of current operations, and development of a “Roadmap” for the implementation of digital imaging services based on readiness factors and changes required.  Cardiology reviews include the full integration of imaging, wave forms, and documentation applications.In addition, HIS can assist with enterprise strategies when there are multiple service area requirements, and the need for enterprise image management and distribution solutions.  In an ARRA/Meaningful Use age of EMR applications, it is important to have an enterprise-scale solution for storage and access to images that provides a patient-centric view to all the patient’s images.  Strategies for disaster recovery and business continuity are also an important part of an assessment.Type your paragraph here.

Vendor Evaluation/Selection

HIS offers comprehensive services for assessing and selecting PACS and related technology vendors.  HIS focuses on those elements that are most important to each client, and provides a comprehensive, quantitative process for evaluating vendor responses, resulting in a more informed selection process.  HIS works with clients to understand and document requirements in the form of a Request for Quotation (RFQ) that provides prospective vendors with a uniform expectation for response.  This enables HIS to provide clients with a more thorough assessment of vendor compliance and differences.

Service areas are usually busy managing day-to-day operations, with limited time for vendor assessments.  Engaging a 3rd party such as HIS can supplement limited internal resources and bring a valuable 3rd party perspective to the process.  In addition, HIS can offer assistance with vendor references, site visits, contract negotiation, acceptance testing and project management.